Who will provide the training?

Ron Steiner and The Marketing Communciations Group, Inc.

Ron Steiner
Ron Steiner, a frequent speaker, trainer, and seminar leader at many State Association conventions and events, is president of The Marketing Communications Group, Inc. (MCG) and consultant to the television industry since 1982. Mr. Steiner has been involved in the broadcast television business since 1966. He is a former General Sales Manager at a major market television station and a former General Manager of two television stations.

Ron Steiner’s experience in the broadcasting business has allowed him to tailor many programs that have received high praise. In 1988, under the auspices of The Marketing Communications Group, Inc., Mr. Steiner created Broadcast Sales Training, a sales training program designed specifically for broadcast TV stations. Over the course of the next several years, nearly 200 television stations became clients of Broadcast Sales Training. Mr. Steiner developed and successfully utilized satellite-delivered distance learning as a part of that training program as early as 1991.

In the summer of 2000, Ron Steiner was selected by Belo Corp., Hearst-Argyle Broadcasting, and LIN Television to head the Broadcast Sales Academy in Dallas, Texas. The television industry has recognized this intense, first-of-its-kind, month-long training program as an outstanding success.

The initial Broadcast Sales Academy was exclusive to employees of the three consortium companies. Another similar session is scheduled for June of 2001, with another class of 30 students going to Dallas. Based on its enormous success, another session is scheduled for January of 2002 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where, for the first time, applicants outside the three consortium companies are being accepted to fill the remaining places.

Customer Service Counts, a research division of The Marketing Communications Group, Inc., measures customer satisfaction among advertisers and advertising agencies in media markets. In the past three years, Customer Service Counts has conducted surveys in 24 media markets, providing broadcasters with valuable information on what the “customer” thinks of the customer service provided by television, radio, and cable sales people. Customer Service Counts also offers subscribing stations improvement strategies for meeting customer expectations with regard to service. This capability of The Marketing Communications Group, Inc. is a great complement to the components that are created for sales training programs.

The Television Sales Certification Program is backed by Mr. Steiner’s considerable experience in television as well as by his successful distance-learning techniques and proven track record.