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Never before, in the history of commercial broadcast television, has sales training been more important. Competition is more intense than ever. Demands for revenue growth are unprecedented. Agencies and clients are more demanding than ever. And, opportunities for creative selling have never been more appreciated.

The lack of training, in the broadcast television can be attributed to many factors: budget, time to prepare training, sales managers lacking in experience as trainers and an absence of a specific plan for business development. To assist stations with their training needs, the TVSALESPRO sales training series will satisfy many of the training needs for 2002.

Fifteen sessions, covering the essential topics that real professionals need in today’s demanding media environment. Professionally produced and lead by one of the nation’s most experienced and respected trainers. This series, which was created and taped in the fall of 2001 is available to stations at a most reasonable price. For a small investment for the entire series, including tapes, session notes, tests and trainers guides can be immediately delivered. Check out the session topics here on the web site, under the TV SALES CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.

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Session XIV: Negotiating

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Session XV: Strategic Selling

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TVSALESPRO training tapes, plus the new INDUSTRY UPDATE service may be all you need to make 2002 your dramatic turnaround year in television sales.